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I attended a newborn photoshoot at BlueRibbon photography and here's what happened

The days are long, but the years are short.

That well known phrase rings true when it comes to children at any age, but particularly so when you're in a newborn bubble and adapting to your new life.

Five weeks went by before I even thought about taking steps to arrange a newborn photoshoot and I had already noticed how much my daughter's face had changed in such a short space of time. 

Of course I had been photographing her every move since she was born - when she slept, fed, babbled - I caught it all. But they were not the type of photographs you could proudly hang on a wall in your home without them looking out of place.

Blue Ribbon Photography is not the closest studio to my home, but it was one I instantly got a good vibe from. When I contacted Claire, I had already rang two other studios and felt they just didn't gel with me - something I think is very important when you are required to successfully communicate what kind of images you're hoping to get from the shoot. Claire, on the other hand, instantly put me at ease and was excited about the prospect of capturing such precious pictures of me and my newly established family.

But there is only so much you can take from a phone call, so I felt instant relief when I stepped into Claire's studio and the first thing I saw was a sign that said 'Welcome to Millie's photoshoot' - my daughter's name. It's the little things that made our visit so special. 


 had already scoured Claire's website and portfolio, as well as Pinterest, to find the types of images I was hoping to recreate - and Claire was only too happy to help. 

Not knowing what to expect or would be needed, I gathered my favourite baby outfits, toys - and even a football scarf on my partner's request. All the items did not technically compliment each other and I had no idea if and how they could actually be incorporated in a photograph, but I needn't have worried. Claire's studio was filled with every colour and style prop, blanket, backdrop or basket you could think of. Minutes into the shoot, it was clear Claire was incredibly talented and each of my mis-matched items were used as a base for various set-ups.

We had opted to also have family shots taken. After giving birth just a matter of weeks ago, this wasn't something I was particularly looking forward to. I have never liked to get my picture taken, even at the best of times, let alone when I had just become a new parent. However, it was these shots that were so important to us. 

In the early weeks and months, parents often take hundreds or even thousands of snaps of their new bundle of joy - but they are often behind the camera and not in them themselves. And that is very true of my situation, especially during the height of a pandemic. For this reason, although the family pictures were perhaps the thing I was least looking forward to for fear of being awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera, they are some of my favourites and are amongst the ones hanging proudly on my walls. I cannot thank Claire enough for making us all feel at ease and capturing precious moments of us all together.

It was a lovely day out and one of our first as a family, with no rush or time restraints put on the shoot. This allowed us to make sure our daughter was fed, settled and content in the pictures - and I think it showed.

The same night, two sneak preview images were posted on the Blue Ribbon Photography's social media and it was exactly what I'd hoped for and made me excited for the full set of images which were even better.