Capturing their journey from the very start...

From just one cell, you create a whole new life! 

And such a special time deserves to be photographed so that you can look back and see just how beautiful and miraculous this time really is. 

We offer 3 choices for our maternity sessions -

Full, Midi, and Mini, and all are best suited for pregnant ladies in their last trimester.

You can choose to have either a beautiful outdoor location or a more personal session here at the studio or at your own home, where we can document your pregnancy in a more lifestyle way, capturing things like your baby's nursery. 

And by all means, include any siblings (of the two or four-legged variety) as this is an exciting time for your entire family!

If you're not sure what type of session to go for, here are a few of my favorite images that were taken both at my home studio here in Chorley, as well as outdoors at some stunning locations from Chorley, Bolton, Wigan, and Preston.  

BlueRibbon Photography, are amazing! I loved every minute of my pregnancy shoot and the images are truly beautiful! I was feeling a little nervous but Claire put me at ease straight away, in fact after about 10 minutes I felt like I'd known her for years! A wonderful experience from start to finish and I cant wait to see her again when I go back with my newborn!    

Samantha Jayne

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